How can you use food flavours? In applications such creams, beverages, dairy, fillings, pastry, dough, sorbets, ice creams, supplements, functional food, pectins, chocolates, jams, lolly pops, jelly, alcohols and more.


no GMO • no CALORIES • no FAT • Vegan


Liquid flavourings, synthetic or natural. Soluble in fats and water, depending on the carrier used. Thermostable flavourings, ideal for heat restiatance production. Browse through the categories to find the right flavour for your needs.

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Cherry Maraschino Type, Natural
Super Aromas | Food Flavor Maraschino, also known as Maraska cherry - a dark, s...
Sparkling PRSCO Wine
Super Aromas | Food Flavor World's popular sparkling wine. Refreshing, slightly...
Discount: 20 %
Red Sweet Apple
Super Aromas | Food Flavour Red, sweet and juicy apple with intense flavor and ...
Discount: 20 %
Kiwi, Sweet Ripe Type
Super Aromas | Food Flavor Truly ripe kiwi smell and taste, full of refreshing ...
Discount: 20 %
Super Aromas | Food flavours Papaya is a tangy, fresh but still full of sweetne...
Discount: 20 %
Kwiat czarnego bzu / Elderberry flower
Super Aromas | Foof Flavour Very unique botanical flavour, which found its subt...